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My experience in EV is good because it was my first time to study in other countries. At first I was nervous and very quiet because I was a stranger to this country, having no idea about their language and culture. In order to survive, I always bear the reason why I was here in my mind. Through this thought I became stronger again. I came here to enhance my English speaking skills. I knew it wasn't easy but I had tried my best. As days passed by, I realized that learning English isn't an overnight process; it took years. That's why patience and determination must reign. In addition, it takes lots of efforts. We had to wake up early in the morning to be prepared in class. I had 6 classes. They were speaking, writing, grammar, presentation, and activities. With the help of my teachers and classmates, I learned many things. They taught us some techniques on how to study English. I promise that I won't forget the things I have learned here. I can say that my journey in EV is wonderful. I met new people from other countries and we are friends now. I'm glad to see that we share the same thought even we speak different languages. 我在宿霧有很棒的經歷因為這是我第一次到其他國家念書。因為對這個國家很陌生,一開始我很緊張也很少話,對他們的語言和文化都不了解。為了能在這裡生存下去,我總是謹記著我為什麼會來這裡的原因。有了這個信念我再一次變得更堅強。我是來這裡提升英文能力的。我知道這不簡單但是我盡了最大的努力。隨著日子過去,我明白學習英文不是一天兩天的事;是要下許多年的功夫。這就是為什麼耐心與毅力決定一切。除此之外,也要花很多力氣。我們每個早上都要很早起來準備上課。有老師和同學的幫忙,我學了很多。他們教我讀英文的訣竅。我保證絕對不會忘記在這裡學的東西。我敢說這趟宿霧之旅是無可挑剔的。我認識來自其他國家的人,跟他們交朋友。很開心能和不同母語的人分享一樣的想法。


This is the first time I travel abroad. When I came here, I feel it is better than I have imagined. During these three weeks, I learned a lot of things. I was unfamiliar with things and people at the beginning. I was not used to many things. No matter where I went I needed someone's accompany. Every week we had to do volunteering jobs. Everyone there was so nice. I like that place very much. We spent several nights playing with foreigners. Thanks to it I have met more friends. Every weekend we hung out. The beach here is so beautiful that I like it very much. It's time to get to the end. I don't want to go back for the afternoon graduation. I have learnt a lot in only three weeks. If I have another chance I will visit here again. 這是我第一次出國旅遊。來到這裡之後,我發現這比我想像的還要好。在這三個禮拜間,我學了許多事。一開始對這裡的事物跟人們都很不熟悉。對許多事情都很不習慣。無論去哪裡我都需要有人陪伴。每個禮拜我們都會當志工。那裡的人都很友善。我非常喜歡那個地方。我們和一些外國人度過了幾個歡樂的夜晚。我也交了更多的朋友。我們每個周末都會出去玩。那裡的海灘很漂亮我很喜歡。旅程即將來到尾聲。我很不想回去參加下午的畢業典禮。短短的3個禮拜內我學了很多。有機會的話我會再次拜訪這裡。

Thanks for being part of the journey - Barry

Good evening everyone! I'm Barry from Taiwan. Three weeks are such a short time to stay here. These three weeks are very special three weeks in my life. I'm so happy that I'm able to come here and met some great friends in this beautiful place. The teachers here are so kind, and I also learned a lot of things that are not written on textbooks, like helping elder people in the nursing home, and played with children in the school. After seeing these, I finally know how lucky I am, and on the weekends we went to some beautiful places, having some incredible experience. EV is a perfect place to study. We have great equipments to use here. EV is like a small community which might be small, but also got everything. And thank you everyone to be a part of my journey. 各位晚安!我是來自臺灣的Barry。待在這幾個禮拜的時間很短。這三個禮拜是我人生中很特別的三個禮拜。我很開心我能來這個美麗的地方,交到一些好麻吉。這裡的老師人很好,我也學到很多課本上沒寫的東西,像是到護理之家幫助老人,還有到學校跟小朋友一起玩。看到他們後,我才知道我有多麼幸運;週末時我們去了一些很漂亮的地方,有很棒的體驗。EV是一所很好的學校,有良善的設施供我們使用,就像是一個小社區,麻雀雖小,五臟俱全。也謝謝所有這趟旅行中的每一個夥伴。


Good afternoon teachers, and friends. My name is Karina. This is my first time to CEBU. As we arrived at the airport, I already experienced how hospitable Philippines are when one man helped us with our luggage. I was very excited that we're going to EV. At the airport, there was a student manager waiting for us. She was kind, and her name was "Hong." On our first day, we had a test that we could know where our level was. My level was E3. When I saw teacher Roselle for the first time, I felt she was serious and let me feel a little bit afraid. But after we talked to each other, I felt comfortable than before. I like her classes because she helps me improve my English. She taught me how to speak or write or learn more vocabularies. We already finished the class. In the evening, we had our free time that we could chat with our friends. And there were a lot of people chatting with their friends. It's special because it's my first time to come to a language school. When I was a child, I already wanted to come to a language school by myself but Mom said it's too dangerous so she let me come with a group, because it was safer. EV is a nice choice for someone who wants to learn English. I think it was a nice day for my first day in EV. I have stayed here for 3 weeks now, and my impression is comfortable because people here are very kind. While I was living here I felt the care and happiness like a family. I think and feel the environment may not be better than that of home after I came here, but I think this is a great place to let myself feel that we are very happy to be here. If I did not, I might not know how many people can't live like us living life. For example, in Taiwan, we have 24-hour convenience store at any time we want to eat something. We arrange many activities in the afternoon classes, such as going to orphanages and playing with children or give food to old people with health problem. I think we're so lucky that we should be content to cherish every person who loves you and complain less. Today is our last day and night in school. Time runs fast imperceptibly three weeks after I came to stay in different environment to learn how to face up to the new things and I'm very happy to be here, and perhaps Philippine isn't considered to be a very good country, but they still have great places like some cafes with nice music to visit at dinner. We came here on the first week of the vacation. We went to a large brunch, I think it's a great place I had with my friends. Iris agreed to come here next year and there's my favorite Roselle because we often share a lot of things. She always makes me happy, if she can't come to school to teach me I would be very sad. I want to thank her for just weeks of teaching me, as well as taking care of me. Thanks to my friends for bringing me joy. I will remember all these beautiful moments. Thank you! 各位老師、朋友們午安。我的名字是Karina。這是我第一次來到宿霧。當我們一抵達機場,有個當地人替我們搬行李,當下我便體會到菲律賓人的好客。在機場時,學務部的主任已經在等我們。她名叫「Hong」,人非常友善。旅途的第一天我們進行能力測驗。我的程度是E3。當我第一眼見到Roselle老師,我以為她是個嚴肅的人,令人感到畏懼。然而在彼此交談過後,我覺得比較自在了。我喜歡她的課因為她總能幫助我提升英文能力。她教我口說和寫作的技巧,並學習更多的單字。我們的課程也結束了。夜晚,我們有自己的自由時間可以跟朋友聊天,大家的聊天聲此起彼落。這對我來說是非常特別的經驗因為這是我第一次來到語言學校。小時候我就想出國唸語言學校,然而媽媽覺得單獨一個人太危險;為了安全起見,她替我報名遊學團。對想學習英語的人來說EV 是個很好的選擇。我在EV的第一天有了很好的開始。 我已經在這裡待了3個禮拜,當地人皆十分友善,我感到非常舒適自在。住在這裡的時候可以感受到彼此的關懷與喜悅就像一個家庭。這個地方可能不比我原來的家好,但我感覺到在這個地方每個人都是快樂的。若是沒有這趟旅程,我可能不會知道世界上有許多人的生活並不如我們所過的舒適。舉例來說,在臺灣,當我們隨時想吃點東西時可以去24小時的便利商店。下午的課程我們進行一些活動,例如拜訪孤兒院跟小朋友玩,或者提供食物給身體不便的老人們。我覺得我們是十分幸福的,應該感到滿足,少點抱怨,並且珍惜身邊愛我們的人。 今天是我們在學校的最後一晚。時間過得飛快,在我來到陌生環境3個禮拜後,我學會如何適應新事物和不同的環境,我很開心能來到這裡。或許菲律賓不是一個很棒的國家,但他們仍有許多好玩的地方,比如可以在一家咖啡廳,聽著音樂、享用晚餐。我們在暑假的第一個禮拜來到這裡。我們去了一家很大間的早午餐餐廳,是個跟朋友們聚餐的好地方。Iris明年想再來這裡,有我最愛的Roselle老師,我們常分享許多有趣的事物。她總是能逗樂我,若她不能來學校教我,我會非常難過。我想感謝她這幾個禮拜來的教導,以及對我的照顧。謝謝我的朋友們給我帶來許多歡笑。我會記得這些美麗的時刻。謝謝你們!


This Saturday we will go back to Taiwan. I will miss life in EV, scenery in Cebu and activities with foreign students. I haven't been used to living in here, but now I already know well about the local life. It's different from that in Taiwan. In EV, I learn a lot about English speaking skills. I made many friends here. Every weekend we had special activities in Cebu City like the city tour. We had local lunch and went to the island. We enjoyed these fun moments very much. Residents are kind and lovely here. I will never forget this precious recollection in my life. I didn't feel stressed studying here. Not only can I study English, but also can have a rich summer vacation. It took us two hours to Bohol. As we arrived there, we had lunch beside the beach. We went snorkeling after the lunch. On the next day we went to chocolate hills. There are many kinds of animals in Bohol. We had lunch on the boat. This trip is very refreshing in my life. I want to give thanks to my parents. They let me learn English in my childhood. In recent years, English has become more and more important in this world. My parents value languages so much. If I don't learn English, I will lose interaction with people around the world. I think English is a useful language. My English has improved; additionally, I enjoyed the experience in Philippine. I like Cebu very much. If I'm free next year, I will visit here again with my family and introduce them local culture. 這禮拜六我們就要回臺灣了。我會想念在EV的生活、宿霧的景色、還有和外國朋友的活動。我雖然還沒習慣住在這裡,但是對於當地的生活方式有一定的瞭解。這裡的文化和臺灣大不相同。我在EV學了很多英文的口說技巧,結交很多朋友。每個周末在宿霧我們都繪有特別的活動,像是城市參觀之旅。我們吃了在地的午餐也到訪小島上,大家都很享受這快樂的時光。這裡的居民都很和藹可親。我永遠都不會忘記這些在我人生中珍貴的片刻。在這裡讀書不會有壓力。我不僅可以學到英文,還賺到一個豐富的暑假。從這裡到薄荷島要兩個小時,我們在船上解決掉午餐。這趟旅行對我來說非常新鮮有趣。我想要謝謝我的父母,他們在我小的時候讓我學英文。近幾年來,英文在世界上變得越來越重要。我的父母親很重視語言能力,假如我沒學英文,我就會失去與世界各地人們的互動。我覺得英文是很實用的。除了我的英文有進步之外,我愛死這趟菲去不可之旅了。我喜歡宿霧這個地方。明年有空的話,再跟我的家人一起來,順便跟他們介紹當地的文化。

一開始不想來,現在不想走 - Eric

Hello everyone, my name is Eric. I came to EV to have fun and learn English. Thanks a lot to my parents for this experience. At first I didn't want to come because I thought my ability of English speaking and listening was bad. I was afraid that I couldn't make friends and get used to the life here, yet my father wanted it. Since then my life in EV began. After we arrived, I found that the room I slept in, the Internet, and the food were worse than those in Taiwan. At first I wanted to go home very much, hoping that time could run as fast as possible. But then I found that I fall in love with these courses, including listening, grammar and presentation classes in the morning. Although time was too short for me to have enough progress, I knew that I had some progress bit by bit. One day we celebrated birthday and invited the Russians to join us. That night was very happy. On weekdays we sometimes hung out to do some charitable activities. For example, Homes for the elderly, High School and the Orphanage, which made me understand that we are really lucky. The teacher took us out on weekends. We went snorkeling, appreciating the nights and Bohol Island. Finally here comes the day we say goodbye to everyone. During my first few days in EV, I really wanted to go back to Taiwan, but now I realize I want to stay for more months. Last, I want to say thank you to everyone for tolerating me. I hope Damon and Robert can reduce the times of their fights. Three weeks in Philippine have been an important experience and memories in my life. I will miss you all! 大家好,我叫Eric。我來宿霧玩和學英文。感恩我的父母讓我來這裡。其實一開始我不想來,因為我覺得我的英文口說和聽力都很爛。我很怕交不到朋友和適應不了這裡的生活,但是我爸堅持要我來。從那時候起我在宿霧的生活就開始了。到達這裡之後,我發現我們住的房間、網路速度、和食物都比不上臺灣。剛開始我超想回家,希望時間可以過快一點。但是之後我發現我愛上這裡的課程,包括聽麗課、文法課和早上的表演課。雖然時間太短我沒有大幅的進步,但我知道我有慢慢前進了。有一天還邀俄羅斯人來跟我們一起慶祝生日。那天晚上超開心。平日偶爾會出去作公益活動。比如說到老人之家、國高中、和孤兒院,我才知道我們是一群幸福的孩子。老師周末會帶我們出去玩,去浮潛、看夜景、還有去薄荷島。 終於來到告別的這天。原本想趕快回家的我現在竟然想在這裡多留幾個月。最後,我想要謝謝所有包容我的人。希望Damon和Robert可以不要那麼常打架。這次菲律賓三周行是個難忘的經驗和回憶。我會想你們的!


Hello, my name is Robert. I'm from E3 level. Today I will give a speech about last day in EV. Good afternoon to every person here. Time flies like an arrow. I'm very happy here to graduate with such nice classmates. We have busy living pace in Taiwan. I felt very relaxed here but also learned a lot. Thank all the teachers in EV for teaching me such an out-of-control person. And I will be missing all you guys . I hope I can come back and eat breakfast that will never change. I will never forget all the teacher who had taught me. I love Cebu. Thank all of you a lot again. 大家好,我叫Robert。我來自E3程度的班。今天我要講的是有關我在EV的最後一天。各位在座的人午安。我很開心能跟這麼棒的同學一起畢業。臺灣的生活步調總是很忙碌,在這裡我感到很放鬆,卻也學了很多東西。謝謝所有在EV的老師教我一個這麼不受控的學生。我會想念你們。希望我可以再回來,吃這裡的早餐,幸福的滋味是不會變的。我永遠不會忘記曾經教過我的老師。我愛宿霧。再次謝謝你們大家。